How to Thrive in the Midst of Change Audio Series

Change is Ready to Deal With You… Are YOU

Ready To Deal With IT???

“How to Thrive in the Midst of Change”

In these audios you will discover:

• Three phases of the change process
• How different personality types deal with change differently
• How to navigate through the challenging transitional phase of change
• How to be resilient in the face of change over and over again
• 5 tips that will help you become your best self and thrive during change
• How to help others cope with the difficulties of change


how to thrive

The titles for the series of the 6 Thriving in the Midst of Change audios are:
· Audio 1 – Change: What’s it Really All About
· Audio 2 – What’s Your Style When it Comes to Change?
· Audio 3 – Position for a Transition During Change
· Audio 4 – Bouncing Back from Change
· Audio 5 – Becoming the Best You
· Audio 6 – Helping Others Navigate the Course of Change